Webinar on Policy Advocacy and Movement Building for Disaster Preparedness

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Background: NGOs recognize the need for policy advocacy and alliance building to influence DRR political transformations in Asia. However, policy advocacy and scaling the impact of their work are a big challenge.

Purpose of the Webinar: This webinar aims to create awareness, generate discussion and share experiences on policy advocacy and movement building so that NGOs can effectively scale their local DRR initiatives and ultimately influence the policy decision making. Speakers will discuss the current policy landscape for DRR in the region and highlight the pivotal role of NGOs in engaging with the government and other stakeholders to promote a safe and resilient culture.

Topics discussed in this webinar are:

  1. Principles and importance of engaging governments and civil society for policy advocacy and movement building work for DRR;
  2. Methods for effectively scaling local DRR initiatives through policy advocacy and movement building;
  3. Practical tips and advice on how to start the policy advocacy process; and
  4. Sharing and exchange of best practices.