Timor Geoscience & Development Society

Member Information

Organization Name: Timor Geoscience & Development Society

Acronym: TGDS

Country: Timor Leste

Cities Served: Dili

Focal person: Valente Ferreira

Contact: valen_tgds@outlook.comnFerreira.tgds@gmail.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TGDS16/

Give2Asia Partner:

Address: Street of Aimetilaran (1,718.14 km), Dili. Tel : +(670) 7384 8634 / 7792 3067

Core Activities: Bioengineering, DRRM

Contribute directly to Give2Asia’s Disaster Preparedness Fund.

Donations will go towards supporting NGOs preparing communities for disasters across Asia.