Centre for Environment Education India

Member Information

Organization Name: Centre for Environment Education India

Acronym: CEE India

Country: India

Cities Served: Andhara Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Haryana, Bihar, Assam, Manipur, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajashtan, Orissa

Focal person: Shri Ashok Koshla / Abdesh Gangwar

Contact: cee@ceeindia.org; gangwar@ceeindia.org

Website: https://www.ceeindia.org/

Give2Asia Partner:

Address: CEE India. Tel : +91-79-26858002 to 5. Fax : +91-79-26858010

Core Activities: Education, WASH, DRRM, Waste Management, Communication Campaigns, Research

Contribute directly to Give2Asia’s Disaster Preparedness Fund.

Donations will go towards supporting NGOs preparing communities for disasters across Asia.