Fundraising for Disaster Preparedness

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Background: Many community based organizations (CBOs) in Asia have mobilized funds to support DRR programs that mitigate the damages brought by calamities and to curb risks and impacts. However, budget allocations for DRR are often inadequate and CBOs are left at crossroads on how to continue supporting vulnerable communities.

Purpose: This webinar aims to provide the participants knowledge about current trends and challenges in mobilizing resources and investments to support community-led disaster preparedness programs. Speakers will share their experiences in successful fund raising initiatives with various donors. At the end of the webinar, participants will have a better understanding on:

  1. Current global trends and challenges in mobilizing investments to support community disaster preparedness programs;
  2. The different modalities and avenues to generate and mobilize resources for community disaster preparedness programs; and
  3. Effective strategies and practices of strengthening engagement with current and potential donors for disaster preparedness programs.

Length: 60 minutes, which includes a panel discussion followed by a Q&A session

To get a copy of the presentations, click HERE and HERE.